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One of the issues i notice when using my wacom is that when i have to go into the drivers and adjust the settings and properties of this device, I am always left feeling unmotivated and depressed afterwards because setting it up is such a slog.

Artist and designers are busy people who don’t have time to waste setting up their equipment to get the job done; while the tablet itself does a wonderful job, the current appearance and experience of the drivers bogs it down.

Understanding the Problem

The goal was to create an experience that aided artist and designers in their work rather than impede; imposed on their productivity while not intimidating novices or even professionals, common issues are:

(1) Clunky User Experience that confuses and frustrates market.

(2) Interactions of websites are uninspiring and offer nothing for an expensive piece of equipment.

(3) Information is thrown in without considering the user.

Artist tend to face these issues when using a pen display/tablet, therefore it is imperative that this issue is resolved to improve artist productivity.

Well the first part of any project is to do some RESEARCH, background Information on the topic to ensure one has a fundamental understanding of the issues out there (or potential solutions).

Conducting questioners' to Identify problems then Interviews to figure out how to solve them was the first part of this project, to ensure we can figure out how our users thinks and behaves I construct a PERSONA and a EMPATHY MAP to use a reference when It comes to building the User flow and Wireframe and everything else following that.

Developing the Solution

After conducting research and using that data to build a profile on the users, the next step is ideating and working on either a USERFLOW, site maps, journey maps, WIREFRAMES or all to figure out how each window on a screen is going to flow.CARD SORTING and INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE was important in this study as it was more complicated and dense with setting; this part of the process was essential, otherwise it will cause plenty of issues down the development line.

Maintaining Brand Aesthetic

Wacom overall aesthetic didn't need much change, just refining to ensure it appeals to users but not over-whealming them either.

Segoe UI
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Designing the Concept

I took the colour and aesthetic that the brand used and ran with it, colour and overall appearance was a challenge, creating a UI that is visually appealing while not being overbearing; colour was used to help identify Interactions in the design.

This was well received, the greys and blue worked to achieve a nice harmony that resonated with users and helped them figure out where to go. The design aesthetic was a success, not having overly detailed models, substituting simple linework to not overwhelm users in their experience playing with the high fidelity prototype.

Scroll down to Reveal more of the High Fidelity Mock Up!


The Final design of a product page was designed to minimise as much information as much as possible to ensure an easy to navigate experience that does not overwhelm users.

Navigating Menus

Example of Interface navigating through the menus, by separating Information into different menus, making it easy to navigate and edit driver settings on a Wacom device rather than awkward and cumbersome which was the issue beforehand.

Simplifying Menus

Example of Interface navigating through the menus, how Information is categorised and stored to ensure users do not feel bombarded with Information as that would over stimulate them visually and render them exhausted from operating said software.

Added Animation

Since Wacom technology is a luxury, It felt appropriate to add some examples of interactivity and motion to the design Interface to make the software feel more current than dated like it was before. Adding more value to a device to ensure the consumers are happy with their purchase.


I do believe that some of the Interactions are quite basic, though at the time I was not as skilled in motion graphics to execute more complicated Interactions/animations. Though the way Information is organised was a success, user participants managed to have little issue when navigating the drivers to complete a task that i assigned them. Big improvement from what the software drivers looked like before which is good; while tricky at the start, due to research and planning i was able to execute and fix the major issues of the user experience and interface.


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