App designed to alleviate the issue of buying/selling a car


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As someone who enjoys music and who tends to use a combination of headphones and earphones throughout the day, I decided to work on a project that is a e-commerce store with the focus being audio peripherals.

Common digital stores UI tends to look dated and cluttered while there UX is difficult to navigate, so as a personal project I decided to research, design and mockup an example of a storefront with clean Interface and easy to navigate experience.

Understanding the Problem

The difficulties of current e-commerce platform specifically that deal with buying and selling cars are.

(1) Clunky User Experience that confuses and frustrates market.

(2) Interactions of App are lacking and dated.

(3) Information is thrown in and overwheals user.

Many users tend to face these issues on a daily, a platform that does not encourage them to stay on there. How do we start by fixing this problem?

Developing the Solution

To ensure users did not feel overwhelmed with the information presented, It was conscious effort chosen to separate the information into different menus.

This was successful as participants were able to locate the information still while not being bombarded with it on screen.

Establishing the Brand

Devising a brand aesthetic for JUMPIN was another task that came down the development pipeline, overall using simple colour scheme and typography I was able to achieve in creating a brand that would stand out and look pleasing to users when navigating the Interface.


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Designing the Concept

I decided to with this concept to go down the lines of creating a clear and simple aesthetic, more modern and simplistic to ensure the design style will not be dated in years to come.

I took elements of existing e-commerce stores out in the market and refined them into what became JUMPIN design interface.

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The Final design of a product page was designed to minimise as much information as much as possible to ensure an easy to navigate experience that does not overwhelm users.

Home Page

Simple assortment of Information to create a clear and easy to read mobile app that does not overwhelm users with information and instead simplifies said Information for a better user experience.

Compare Models

To create a more engaging experience when navigating the app, I made a clear choice to add some subtle animations such as when selecting a list of cars to compare to enhance the user Interface to improve overall user experience when using siad app.

Simplifying Pages

The Idea to simplify elements on a page isn't a new one, though it's in its execution which is what makes it unique or stands out to users when using many different apps.

Trial and error was the reason for why the elements on a page were arranged how they were, through user testing and passing the design to be reviewed which is what created the aesthetic.

Menu Selection

Dividing the menu into sections and removing them in the background when the user is not wanting to focus on them is a conscious choice, personally I prefer to separate as much as i can to different menus, even in the same window too to ensure users are not bombarded with too much text in a single window.


The success of this project was based off how easy it was to understand the information on the screen as well as how it flowed. While there was plenty of success with users there were some things I would like to have changed if there was more time in the development pipeline.

I would of wanted to improve the Interactions and some aspects of how the User experience was handled, specifically the home page which could of been handled differently, more of a unique way of presenting that information perhaps.

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